Ginormous, Inc. is a branding collective headed by Serena Connelly. Ginormous solves business problems with compassion.

Our process begins by unearthing insights with empathy. These cultural and consumer observations are the foundation for developing programs which marry each brand's mission with consumer's values. We work closely with companies to help them demonstrate their character through action. Our work is purpose-driven, we seek to develop useful tools and communications to spread ideas that matter. This can result in large-scale social movements or simple ways for people stay connected, informed, and empowered. In addition to strategic positioning, we establish brand platforms, set the look, tone and voice of the brand, create proprietary intellectual property, develop launch campaigns, and produce sustaining content.

Ginormous partners with Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Brand Planners, Strategists, Comedy Writers, Actors, Directors, Producers, Motion Artists, Editors, Experience Planners, Creative Technologists, Industrial Designers, and a variety of Artists as needed on a project by project basis. We also collaborate with Advertising Agencies, PR Firms, and Production Companies to develop innovative technology, digital tools, and a variety of film content.



Serena Connelly is a multi-disciplinary, Group Creative Director, Creative Brand Consultant, and Writer. Serena has created award-winning campaigns, purpose-driven activations for a range of industries from beverages to luxury brands. Current and former clients include: Nike, Target, Levi’s, Subaru, Electrolux, Chase, NBCUniversal, Hasbro, Bacardi, Humana, TopShop, and several Procter & Gamble, SCJohnson, and Johnson&Johnson brands.

Recently, Serena has been developing new business pitches, holistic campaigns, and copious online content. Serena has also lead the creation of global 360 campaigns for Hasbro, lead Levi’s global site redesign and global digital campaigns, and Pampers’ global digital offering and App development. As well as numerous traditional, social, and experiential campaigns for HP, Humana, Nike, and over 15 J&J brands.

Serena has won numerous awards for her work from One Show Pencils to Cyber Lions to Webby’s and has been featured in a variety of industry publications. She is also listed as Inventor on several IP Patents, for her innovative work on a suite of P&G-branded Mobile Apps.

When she’s not working, Serena is usually found gallivanting outdoors with friends and family or swirling, swishing, and spitting out perfectly delicious wine as a Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Sommelier.