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Humana is on a mission to help the communities they serve to become 20% healthier by 2020. For year two of the campaign to "Let's close the gap between people and care" we worked with photojournalists Ben Lowy and Marvi Lacar to tell the stories of Humana's latest initiatives.

Our story begins in Mississippi, where 36 rural counties, making up most of the state, were not offered any form of health insurance on the exchange. Humana set out to remedy the situation by taking vans and representatives to the people and signing them up for insurance on the spot. For some, it was the first time they'd had health insurance. 

The reportage team shot over 100 hours of footage and thousands of photographs of real Humana members telling their stories for this campaign. Thanks to the keen eye of Nadav Kurtz and his team at Cutters, we initially culled the work into :30 TV spots. The remaining footage and stills were crafted into site and social content—telling the deeper story.

A colorful listening campaign was also designed to help Humana take action on the issues most important to their current members.

Rik Haslam, Executive Creative Director / Serena Connelly, Group Creative Director / Ralph Calerdon, Creative Director / Adam Whittaker, Associate Creative Director / Toni Kaleda, Senior Copywriter / Michelle Mason Holmberg, Senior Art Director / Ben Lowy, Director and Photographer / Marvi Lacar, Director and Producer / Nadav Kurtz, Editor, Cutters