Pampers Digital Evolution

During the time I was pregnant with my son, and after I returned to StrawberryFrog from maternity leave, I was the Global Digital Creative Director for Pampers. I was tasked with inventing a new brand voice for Pampers and reinvigorating the brand's digital presence. I was able to use my first-hand experiences to help strategize and produce a suite of leading-edge apps for Pampers.

I was thrilled to infuse the brand with an optimistic, peer-to-peer tone of voice while writing "Hello Baby" which was adopted globally. Pampers wanted to develop a relationship with modern, mobile moms and become a 'go-to' information source by bringing them extraordinary content in an innovative way. One of the first 1,000 apps available for the iPad at launch, Hello Baby continues to be the only pregnancy calendar created specifically for the device. Parents-to-be can view rare, life-size images of the baby next to their tummy, zoom in on details, and share weekly milestones by posting the baby's growth on social media. This all contributes to a unique experience, garnering trust, and forming a lasting connection with the brand.

Once the baby is born, the documenting begins and "Hello World" was launched, (featuring our son, Odin Barnaby) giving parents fun ways to gather and tell their child's story. And because parenting is not always fun and games, "Hello Doc" gave parents the tools they need to track and record all those details for frequent Doctor visits. During this time we also developed a new site for Pampers with StrawberryFrog Amsterdam and a green initiative called EcoNursery, as well other digital tools and communications.