Zagat was getting squeezed out of the marketplace and quickly becoming irrelevant due to a plethora of similar online services, blogs, and mobile apps gaining confidence among consumers. I was an ACD at R/GA when we utilized key consumer insights to produce a new look and tone for the brand. I wrote the manifesto that caused Nina Zagat to say, "You had me at the manifesto" as well as site copy, while leading a team of creatives to bring the concept to life. We also synced the site with their mobile apps make aggregating the latest reviews and information seamless. Once all the digital tools are working in concert with one another, subscribers and nonsubscribers would be able to effortlessly research, plan, reserve, and share authentic dining experiences. I keep this work in my portfolio as an example of a pitch-winning manifesto and in the hopes that the brand (now owned by Google) will make a triumphant return.